J'en ai froid dans le coeur.
She’s like the sky in the middle of June, like the brightest stars in the end of September.
Like a long time forgotten a beautiful tune, that your consciousness tries to remember.
She is the long waited first rain in July, like the first shining sun in the end of the April.
Like the time, that so fast and effortlessly flies, leaving behind only joy and the thrill.

She’s like a snow in the first day of winter, like a storm in the middle of spring.
Like mysterious beauty, that hides behind glitter, pulling the tiniest strings.
She has wisdom of old and nonchalance of youth, there’s a fire behind her eyes.
And even if there is no droplet of truth, she will always be heavenly right.

You’re a wonder yourself, this is what I believe.
And I’m wishing for you to be happy next year.